The most successful Persian Actors in Hollywood

Amir Khalighi was born in Capital, Homeland. His start in the arts came at the age of 17 with the theatrical lead in the UJ Production of “Our House” then laid dormant until his productions of two successful Los Angeles shows, To Gillian on Her 30th Birthday and the critically acclaimed, Los Angeles premier of A Hatful of Rain. 2008 ... Read More »

Suspended home in london

British artist Alex Chinneck has undertaken a mammoth new artwork in Covent Garden, London, collaborating with builders, engineers, robots and more to make it look like the Market Building in the piazza is drifting up into the sky.The effect, which can be seen not just from a specific angle but all sides, was achieved using digital carving and four-tonne counterweights.Entitled ... Read More »

The most successful Persian Actresses In Hollywood

Beginning in episode two, season three of the Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning drama “Homeland”, she co-stars as CIA analyst Fara Sherazi. Among her many television credits, Ms. Boniadi is probably best known as Nora, a relatively longstanding love interest to Neil Patrick Harris’s Barney Stinson, in seasons six and seven of “How I Met Your Mother”. She also appeared ... Read More »

Peyman moaadi & Shohreh Aghdashloo in The Last Knights

 Last Knights is a 2015 action film directed by Kazuaki Kiriya and written by Michael Konyves and Dove Sussman. The film stars Clive Owen and Morgan Freeman in the lead roles. It centers on a band of warriors who seek to avenge the loss of their master at the hands of a corrupt minister. Peyman Moaadi as Emperor Read More »

The World’s 10 Most Expensive Sunglasses

Lugano Diamonds is a privately-owned, international jewelry firm that was established in 1974 and currently operates in Newport Beach, California. When the company decided to expand into eyewear, they teamed up with famed designer Barton Perreira and created these beautiful sunglasses. These shades include different framing options, such as gold frames with pink lenses with 2.85 carats of pink diamonds, ... Read More »

The Realistic Animal Lollipops

Amezaiku, the art of making realistic animal lollipops, has been a Japanese tradition since the 8th century, but 26 year-old Shinri Tezuka is the young master making it famous again. There is no cheap or convenient way to mass produce the candy, and the artists have to endure painful heat when working the hot candy by hand.Shinri is one of ... Read More »

10 of the hottest female celebrities under 30

The hot Barbados native began her career in late 2003 and hasn’t slowed down since. As one of the best-selling artists of all time, this R & B singer’s career is on fire. What also makes Rihanna so hot is that she frequently wears outfits that leave little to the imagination. She transformed from an innocent-looking girl to crazy hot appeal during the ... Read More »

10 Hot Pink Lipsticks to Warm Up Your Look

Red lipstick will always be an easy go-to when you want to add a little oomph to your look, but lately we’ve been seeing a color that packs even more punch than a classic crimson. From Jessica Chastain on the red carpet to Beyoncé courtside in LA, this winter is all about a hot pink lip. Here, 10 lipsticks that ... Read More »

10 most beautiful Girlfriends Leonardo DiCaprio Has Ever Had

 Blake Lively is known to most as the star of the hit TV series Gossip Girl. Every member of her family (including herself) is part of the acting profession. Aside from being an excellent student, Blake was also a cheerleader, class president and part of the school’s choir. Blake and Leo were spotted together during the summer of 2014, yachting ... Read More »

World’s longest glass skywalk opens in China

The world’s longest glass-bottomed cantilever skywalk has been opened to tourists at the Longgang National Geological Park,Chongqing,China.The stunning walkway stretches an impressive 26.64 m (87.4 ft) into thin air, offering a breathtaking vista of the landscape.Built atop a cliff edge at the dizzying altitude of 1,010 m (3,314 ft),the walkway cost the Chinese government 35 million yuan (US$5.6 million) to ... Read More »