Crown Jewels Whose Secrets Are As Interesting As Palace Conspiracies

 This incredibly beautiful necklace which consists of precious metals with diamonds was the the center of the biggest incident in the 18th century. People very close to the Queen bought this necklace with loans and it cost an unbelievable amount of money. The Queen claims to not have know anything about the purchase but many people didn’t believe her story and were sure she ordered them to buy it. She had actually wanted to purchase this necklace herself, but she didn’t because the price was too high. There was a huge amount of mystery and deception surrounding Marie Antoinette which led to an increase in political unrest in France. The Queen was thought to be involved in an extramarital affair but nothing was ever confirmed. In the end, this necklace was one of the factors leading to a huge decline in her popularity as queen.

Marie Antoinette’s necklace