Crown Jewels Whose Secrets Are As Interesting As Palace Conspiracies

 Queen Rania of Jordan is a wonderful woman. She was one of the first women who openly went public, challenged the rules, and created a cultural revolution. She played a huge role in very important women’s rights reforms including their right to vote, their right to drive a car, and the right to choose their own clothes. Every time Queen Rania appears in public, she looks flawless. “Chanel,” “Dior,” and, “Yves Saint Laurent” are among her favorite brands. Despite her status, she didn’t have her own crown for a long time. But in 2000 the Queen of Jordan finally got her own crown — a tiara made of emeralds and black gold, made by “Boucheron.” This piece of jewelry is called “the Emerald Ivy” because it looks similar to the ivy plant.

Queen Rania’s emerald tiara