Founder of the first drugstore

Takhte Jamshid Pharmacy opened it’s door in Tehran in the year 1345. At opening the personnel included 6 pharmacists and 102 support staff. It was located at the intersection of Takhte Jamshid street and Hafez road. The pharmacy was on the first floor and in the lower floor was “qasr ayeeneh” or “Palace of Mirrors” where perfumes and women’s beauty supplies were sold.  In 1354 a second location under the name of “Dastue” was opened across Park Mellat and next to the Chattanooga Cafe. This new location was a full pharmacy as well as a department store with optical, beauty, toy… departments. After the revolution is was transformed into a center for hand crafts of Iran. Dostue closed it’s doors after 40 years of service in 1393. Dr. Ramezanali Ghassemi was the founder the Takhte Jamshid pharmacy, he is currently 103 “years young”.



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  1. I know Dr.Ghasemi personally, since he moved his office to the top floor of the building in which my office is located since 1996.
    He has always been an inspiration to all the people who work in the companies located in this building (20 units), I love this person and he makes my day every day that I am lucky to see him in the elevator first thing in the morning. When one asks him how he is, he says I am GREAT and can’t be better, he is always immaculately dressed and groomed, always the set is perfect for the season, never the same in consecutive days.
    We call him PEDAR (father), always full of radiating energy and hope, he is blessed, since I have been in US I haven’t seen him in the past 8 months and look forward to see him very soon Sep. 19th when I go back to Tehran.

    • دوماه است امدم امریکا دلم پرمیکشد برم تهران،باهمه گرفتاریهاش ومشکلاتش دیونه این شهرم .
      رسیدی عزیز سلام مارو به بچه های گل تهرون برسون.یاحق برقرارباشی به شادی وتندرستی

  2. Salam Dr Azizam man Naveh Haj khane khoshkhoo hastam…yadesh bekhier Villaye shemshak va kabab haye khoshmaze shoma…va Tablloye …jahate salamattie khodetan .lotfan ba kafsh vared nashavid..salamatitan Arezoye hamishegie man mibashad…..