Halloween Party in homeland

This larger North American influence, particularly in iconic and commercial elements, has extended to places such as Ecuador, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, (most) continental Europe, Japan, and other parts of East Asia. In the Philippines, during Halloween, Filipinos return to their hometowns and purchase candles and flowers, in preparation for the following All Saints Day (Araw ng mga Patay) on 1 November and All Souls Day – though it falls on 2 November, most of them observe it on the day before.


  1. کاسه داغتر از آش

  2. زهرا معصومی جهرمی

    تو گریم هم معلومه دماغای عملی ، گونه های پروتزی و لبای تزریقی، وای چقدر وحشتناکن اینا

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