List of countries by Iranian population in 2015

It is difficult to trace the immigration to Australia from the region designated by the modern world as the Middle East or traditionally, as Asia Minor, because of the way in which immigration officials on both sides have kept records. The first wave of immigration from Iran to Australia, from 1950 to 1977, was relatively insignificant in terms of the number of immigrants. Annually, only a few hundred entered Australia as immigrants during the period, along with a few thousand non-immigrants, including students and visitors. The vast majority of Iran’s emigrants left their homeland just after the 1979 revolution. For the period 1978-1980, the average number of Iranians entering Australia as non-immigrants annually increased to more than 5,000.


10. Australia – 36,000


  1. thanks for subject

  2. This shows that USA as a great Satan is still at the heart of each Iranian. Say: “Down With USA”!!!

  3. There are much more than one million Iranians only in California the numbers are all wrong.

  4. Iranians might be 40 thousand or so in kuwait, but both bahrain and kuwaits population is 2525-40% ethnically Persian. Ethnic Persiand in these countries are huge. Arabs have been trying to arabize these ethnic Persians and failing.

  5. The information on this website is clearly incomplete since there are at least 100000-200000 Persons of Iranuan Jewish ethnicity living in Israel…