Meet the Millionaire Manny Khoshbin & his NEW Koenigsegg Agera RS “Phoenix

The options alone are almost $ 1 Million so it is also one of the most expensive cars they have built. Koenigsegg also made a fitted helmet of carbon fiber, with the same 24k motif as the car. Mr. Khoshbin doesn’t let his fleet collect dust, so we’ll hopefully have track footage coming soon. If you want something truly unique, click the link below and stay with us for all your Koenigsegg updates.


  1. Mani, proud to see an Iranian as successful as you

  2. This glorification of wealth and photo shoots with cars, girls and other material possessions is disgusting.
    All he needs is reality show to bocome the Iranian Kardashian.

  3. He is doing a good job. That’s his hobby. Everyone ha a hoby. His hoby is fast cars, girls, money, wine and cigar.

  4. هیچ انسانی با پول و کار متعارف نمی تواند از ماشین خوابی یا بی خانه بودن میلیاردر شود. مگر اینکه در معاملات زن و ومواد مخدر و کازینو برود.