opening ceremony for the first Ice skating center in Mashhad

opening ceremony for the first Ice skating center in Mashhad

Padideh skating ring was inaugurated in front of several thousand people in the city of Mashad. To start the ceremonies several young children got things going by using the skating ring for the first time.

The size of this complex is 600 square meters. The complex had shops and a coffee shop for visitors enjoyment. The skate ring also has to huge projection panels on each side that can be used to display videos or sporting game scores. Finally there was balloons, clowns and fireworks to celebrate the opening.


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  1. 40 years ago we had ice skating in tehran,(ice Palace) ghasre yakh,

  2. ای بابا ! 40 سال پیش ما میرفتیم قصر یخ بالای خیابون پهلوی شما کجا بودین!؟ اولین!!!؟

    • آزاده خانم اسمت رو بعد از انقلاب عوض کردی؟

    • آزاده خانم، ما هم از رادیو اسمش را می شنیدیم! کجا بودیم؟ در جنوب همان شهر خاک می خوردیم. سمت راست خیابان ما آب لوله کشی داشت. ما که سمت چپ بودیم باید می رفتیم از “فشاری” آب می آوردیم. آب نداشتیم، قصر یخ طلبمون!

  3. Jeannette from Norway

    I have heard that it is not allowed for women to use the ice rink. Is that true?