The Funeral Of Saeed Kangarani

Saeed Kangarani ( 3 October 1954 – 14 September 2018) was an actor. He died of heart attack on 14 September 2018.


  1. عمار حاجی بابایی

    اگه واقعاً می خواهند عزاداری کنند اول بایستی حجابشون رو درست کنند. این همه آرایش و موی بیرون رنک زده واقعاً اگه اُم ابیها تشریف داشتند اینها رو می دیدند تاسف می خوردند.

  2. Salam Haji joon. I know that you are saying these points about hijab because you believe in it. Even though I respect your idea, it is important to note that NOWHERE in Quran talks about covering your hair. There are only couple of places that Quran talks about covering your body (Sooreye Nesaa Ayeye 32 and Alahzab Ayeyeh 54). So as I see in these pictures the ladies have the full (not even partial) hijab because their MAANTO covers their entire body. Further, I hope that one day comes that we can all look at our ladies with respect just the way we look at our mother and our sister regardless of who they are and what their beliefs are.

  3. حاج بابایی معلومه از آدم‌های چشم چرون و عقب مانده ای هستی اخه به تو چه فضولی میکنی تو چشم های حیظت را ببند