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Mamanpaz is a Tehran-based online food delivery service which offers dishes cooked by actual mums to customers who prefer home cooking to canteen food or takeaways. Around 200 customers a day enjoy its old favourites such as “Lubia-polo cooked by Maman Maryam”, a combination of rice, green beans, minced meat, tomato and saffron, priced at around £2. Tabassom Latifi, 29-year-old founder of Mamanpaz, was working for a corporate bank before she left to pursue this project. The idea took shape while she was participating in a startup weekend in the Iranian capital and was officially launched just over a year ago. Latifi did everything herself to start with but now has four office staff and five motorbike delivery people. Mamanpaz has various ways of testing the quality of the mothers’ cooking including snap inspections of their kitchens and seeking customer’s feedback via text message.


Tabassom Latifi, founder of


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