The unsight pictures of homeland occupation in 1945

The unsight pictures of homeland occupation in 1945

The Anglo-Soviet Invasion of homeland was the invasion of the Empire of Iran during World War II by Soviet, British and other Commonwealth armed forces. The invasion lasted from 25 August to 17 September 1941, and was codenamed Operation Countenance. The purpose was to secure homeland oil fields and ensure Allied supply lines (see Persian Corridor) for the Soviets fighting against Axis forces on the Eastern Front. Though Iran was officially neutral, according to the Allies its monarch Rezā Shāh was friendly toward the Axis powers and was deposed during the subsequent occupation and replaced with his young son Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.



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  1. Akshaye jalabi bod v tedaeiye salhaye dor jevani yadat b khayr

  2. برو قوی شو اگر راحت جهان طلبی ……که احترام به حق حاکمیت ملی حرف مفت است.با امید بهآینده جوانان برومند میهن

  3. young king, is getting ready to free his country from occupation. His father is in exile for supporting fascists and he is planning to form an underground resistant movement. Viva King.