The world’s luxury yachts

The world’s luxury yachts

Though we have been exploring new zones and methods for spending one’s exotic vacations in, the sea still remains a prime spot for the exclusive time off. Roman Abrahamovich has been known for his ostentatious lifestyle, and it doesn’t come as surprise that he owns the world’s most expensive private owned yacht, named Eclipse. Purchased at the time of recession, this mega-yacht broke all previous records for its size and prize. Built over a 2 year period this 558 foot water-giant, boasts of a pool with Havana bars around, 2 helipads, 20 water jets, a cinema, library, and a 5000 sq ft master suite.

1. Eclipse yacht
Price: $400 million
Owner: Roman Abramovich, Russia


2. ‘A’ Superyacht
Price: $323 million
Owner: Andrey Melnichenko, Russia


3. Platinum 525
Price: $300 million+
Owner: Sheikh Mohammed bin-Rashid Al Makhtoum, Dubai

dubai yacht A interiordubai owner

4. Dilbari Yacht
Price: $256 million
Owner: Alisher Usmanov, Russia


5. Rising Sun
Price: $200 million+
Owner: David Geffen, America

rising sun interiorrising yacht owner

6. Octopus
Price: $200 million
Owner: Paul Allen, America


7. Maltese Falcon
Price: $150 million (approx)
Owner: Elena Ambrosiadou, Britain


8. Al Said
Price: $ 109 million
Owner: Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said, Oman


9. Indian Empress
Price: $ 93.8 million
Owner: Dr. Vijay Mallaya, India


10. Abdul Aziz Yacht
Price: $73 million
Owner: Abdullah bin Abdul- Aziz Al Saud, Saudi Arabia



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