The World’s Most Powerful People In 2015

 It’s such a dominant brand it’s a commonly used verb. Perhaps the most influential company of the post-industrial era, or at least a member of the Holy Trinity of the digital age with Apple and Microsoft, two-thirds of all online searching is done on Google. It continues to eclipse all competitors and appears to be extending its lead in next generation apps like Google Glass and self-driving cars. CEO Larry Page has recently been behind a string of acquisitions while Brin running the top secret, futuristic Google X. Even after a 2014 stock split, shares in Google trade at over $500 each .The company has net earnings of $13 billion on a revenue of $60 billion. Theirs is the power to shape how the world works and plays – and make a huge chunk of change.


9. Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Cofounders of Google