This Kitchen Hasn’t Been Touched For 50 Years!

This Kitchen Hasn’t Been Touched For 50 Years!

In a strange and unexpected discovery, furniture designer and creator Nathan Chandler found and bought a home that had remained sealed since 1956, keeping its mid-century American interior perfectly intact. Though the house has recently been sold, the retro interior design of this kitchen provided us with a look at a time long gone.It’s not clear why the original owners of the home kept it sealed for so long, but we’re glad they did, because the interior décor elements are absolutely perfect. From the pastel pink counters to the manuals still attached to the unused GE home appliances, every detail is straight out of a 1950s American family sitcom.The fate of this period kitchen is uncertain, but we’re glad to have had a look into such a strangely-preserved historic space!


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