Turkoman horse

The Turkoman horse, or Turkmene, was an Oriental horse breed from the steppes of Central Asia, now extinct. They influenced many other horse breeds, including the Thoroughbred horse. Some horses bred in our homeland and Turkmenistan today are still referred to as Turkoman, and have similar characteristics. It had a slender body, similar to a greyhound. Although refined in appearance, the breed ... Read More »

Man and Lion Become the Best of Friends after 11 Years of Friendship

Even though we consider lions and other wild animals as dangerous, this story shows that it isn’t always the case. Meet 69-year-old Frikkie Von Solms, a lion caretaker who lives in Southern Africa and a man who probably knows more about lions and their behaviour than anyone else in the world because for the past 11 years he has raised ... Read More »

The young musicians start using the streets as a stage to fight sadness

Until recently, it was highly unusual to see musicians playing in the streets of our homeland. But over the past year, they’ve become a rather common sight – and they’re not all trying to make money. Many established artists are doing this just for fun, says our Observer, who has catalogued this trend by posting hundreds of videos of street ... Read More »

Awesome Shell gas station toilet in Bohol, Philippines

Down in Bohol, Philippines, there is this awesome toilet housed within a Shell gas station. “If your Public Restroom is Clean Enough… Let me knew, and I might just do what I did”, Ka Bino added. Meanwhile, an Inquirer article dated September 6th, 2011 featured the same type of toilet. According to the news, the said Shell station’s operator spent ... Read More »

Chinese Retired Teacher Makes Finger-Painting Art on Dusty Windshields

Maybe you will never afford spending that much time on whatever you do, no matter how beautiful and creative it is. But the Chinese artist in question is a 67-year old retired teacher so he sure can afford the time for doing whatever he wishes. And since he is quite interested in painting and calligraphy, Xiao Xiangzhong also has what ... Read More »

Skiing competition with cattle in Pakistan

Punjab is the most populous province of Pakistan with approximately 56% of the country’s total population. Thousands of people of Punjab to see the skiing competition with Cattles in city and village. For a long time people gathered to watch the matches in the region of Punjab and forget all their problems with enjoyin the Cattles skiing. Farmers and feudal (large landowners) throughout ... Read More »

Women’s Islamic fashion show

Western style clothing is favoured by many women – who adjust their modern outfits to suit Islamic dress codes. But the tide is turning in some Islamic fashion houses. Islamic fashion need not be dreary, that’s the message of this collection of Islamic fashions in Amol.One aspect of the rules remains unchanged, however, and that is the requirement to cover at least ... Read More »

The Golden Eagle in Alborz and Zagros

The golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) is one of the best-known birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the most widely distributed species of eagle. Like all eagles, it belongs to the family Accipitridae. These birds are dark brown, with lighter golden-brown plumage on their napes. Immature eagles of this species typically have white on the tail and often ... Read More »

Giraffe dance

When it comes to ‘dancing’ these giraffes are definitely head and shoulders above the rest. The beautiful creatures appeared to be performing an elegant routine as they crossed their necks and ‘swayed’ in time to the music in a series of synchronised moves. Despite their size the giraffes appeared to create perfect symmetry in what looked like a graceful dance ... Read More »