Beyond the ‘poo bus’: the many uses of human waste

A British “poo bus” went into service last week, powered by biomethane energy derived from human waste at a sewage plant. For those of us who follow these matters – and my academic works include Geographies of S**t: Spatial and temporal variations in attitudes towards human waste – this was an exciting moment, a rare piece of good PR for ... Read More »

Ambio lamp glows with bioluminescent bacteria instead of electricity

The lamp is meant to sway slowly back and forth, emulating the motion of the sea, and exposing the bacteria within to the oxygen needed to help it glow. A Dutch designer has created a lamp that needs no electricity: it consists of a glass tube filled with bioluminescent bacteria taken from octopuses and suspended in a saltwater solution. All ... Read More »

Evolution Of LG’s Curved Smartphone Unveiled At CES 2015!

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 5, 2015 LG Electronics (LG) continues to push the industry boundaries with the unveiling of the new G Flex2 at the 2015 International CES® in Las Vegas. The original G Flex earned positive reviews for its innovative design and outside-the-box thinking. One year later, the G Flex2 improves upon its predecessor in every way possible with a more ... Read More »

Restaurant Staffed With Robots Opens in China

Yet another new restaurant with robot servers has opened in China. And the owners appear determined to test Disney’s patience with intellectual property laws. Why? The name of the restaurant is Wall.e — just like the cute little robot worker from the 2008 Pixar film. It appears like a new robot restaurant opens in China each month these days. Here ... Read More »

ZeuS variant strikes 150 banks worldwide

Kaspersky has discovered a fresh ZeuS malware strain which has targeted financial institutions worldwide. The company says the banking trojan’s latest form has targeted a total of 150 different banks and 20 payment systems worldwide; focusing on the infiltration of online banking. In total, 15 countries have been attacked, including the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Russia, Japan and Italy. ZeuS ... Read More »