The Most Expensive Construction Projects Ever

 Also referred to as the “Chunnel,” the Channel Tunnel spans beneath the stretch of water between the southern coast of England and the northern coast of France. It cost fifteen French and British companies $22.4 billion to complete, and is operated by the financing group Eurotunnel. Escalating demands for safety, SECURITY, and environmental measures led to the costs for the ... Read More »

Honda business jet for about $4.5 million

The business jet, which can seat up to seven and lists for about $4.5 million, will be reaching customers at least five years behind schedule. Honda says it has received more than 100 orders, primarily from customers in North America and Europe.Michael Whalen, a hospitality industry executive, says he placed a deposit for a HondaJet in 2007 to replace his ... Read More »

List of subway lines

Tabriz Metro in Tabriz, Iran, is under construction and will include 4 lines in total. The first line opened on 28 August 2015 with 7 km length and 6 stations. There is also one regional commuter line planned to Sahand. 4. Tabriz Metro – 60 km Read More »

Ten strange jobs that disappeared with advances in technology

 The world has never been more technologically advanced than it is now, but that doesn’t mean that some things haven’t been lost along the way. Many of the technologies, inventions, and manufacturing processes of antiquity have simply disappeared with the passage of time, while others are still not fully understood by modern day scientists. Some have since been rediscovered (indoor ... Read More »

The Most Successful Persian in IT

Hooman Radfar (born July 14, 1980, London, England) is an American technology entrepreneur. He is a partner at Expa, a San Francisco based start-up studio. Previously he was co-founder and CEO of AddThis. AddThis provides the most widely used social media tools and analytics platform for web site creators. According to web measurement firm ComScore, in 2013 the platform reached ... Read More »

List of tallest towers in the world 2015

 The Tianjin Radio and Television Tower is a 415.2-metre (1,362 ft) tower in Tianjin, China used primarily for communication. It is the 8th tallest freestanding tower in the world. It was built in 1991 at a cost of $45 million. Approximately two-thirds up the tower is an observation pod with 253 square metres (2,720 sq ft) of floor space (used ... Read More »

Six Innovations that Set the New 2016 BMW 7 Series Apart

With the proliferation of technology across all vehicle segments, luxury automakers have to work harder to differentiate their cars. After all, when Buick and BMW both have Apple CarPlay, there isn’t much brand discrepancy via the dashboard display.The 7 Series is BMW’s flagship and therefore the German luxury car company’s technology standard-bearer. Previous generations debuted the first in-dash navigation system, ... Read More »

List of Iranian Americans Professors at American Universities

 Pardis C. Sabeti born December 25, 1975 is an Iranian-American computational biologist, medical geneticist and evolutionary geneticist, who developed a bioinformatic statistical method which identifies sections of the genome that have been subject to natural selection and an algorithm which explains the effects of genetics on the evolution of disease. In 2014, Sabeti headed a group which used advanced genomic ... Read More »

The Richest Persian Women in 2015

Soraya Darabi is the co-founder of Zady, a mission-driven content and commerce brand described best as “The Whole Foods of Fashion.” Zady creates and sells stylish, timeless, sustainably produced apparel and tells the story of each product, down to the raw materials.  Soraya began her career as Manager of Digital Partnerships and Social Media at The New York Times, where ... Read More »

Chinese company ‘builds’ 3D-printed villa in less than 3 hours

A pioneering 3D-printed house just popped up in Xian, China – and Chinese company Zhuoda “built” the two-story villa in less than three hours. Made up of six 3D-printed modules, the house was assembled like LEGO bricks before a live audience who were then invited to explore the interior. The modular fireproof home can withstand a magnitude-9 earthquake and is ... Read More »