Incredible hidden treasures and beauty of Iran

 Regularly dominates news headlines for a range of reasons, from the recent capture of US Navy boats, to political battles surrounding oil drilling by foreign energy companies. But change is afoot  as far as tourism is concerned, with the country late last year saying it is preparing for a ‘tsunami’ of foreign visitors.


A family rides a motorcycle past the Amir Chakhmaq Hosseinieh worship, one of the largest such mosque

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  1. الوان همه شیشه های رنگارنگ بود /کفتاده بر آن پرتو خورشید وجود / هر شیشه که بود زرد و یا سرخ و کبود / خورشید در آن شیشه همان رنگ نمد (عبدالرحمان جامی (