Putin’s security Team

At Friday’s summit, Hassan Rouhani, Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan were expected to sign an agreement about ongoing military cooperation in Syria, the right of return for refugees displaced by the conflict, and the creation of a committee to investigate the fates of people arrested by the government or who went missing during the conflict, according to Iran’s foreign ministry.

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  1. عجب تیم امنیتی (خخخخ) همه اعضای تیم سر در گم هستند انگار سر تیم امنیت ، پلان درست و حسابی واسه محافظت پوتین نداشته…یا اینکه داشتن نقشهاشونو موقع سوار شدن پوتین از سر تیم میگرفتن واقعا که مضحکه