10 Of The Highest Paid Celebs Over 60

 The 68-year-old singer and pianist is a fixture in music, and will be for years to come. Elton John is 68 years old, and will always be known for his one-of-a-kind stage presence, zany outfits and colorful glasses. Elton John usually makes a pretty penny when he goes on tour, and he’s still enjoying royalties from being a composer and solo artist for hit theatrical shows like The Lion King. Elton John, who is known as a godfather figure to celebs like Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne, also made the news recently when he married his long-term partner David Furnish, in December of 2014. Elton has a net worth of about $480 million.


3. Elton John – Age: 68, net worth $480 Million