Inside Shanghai’s first ‘seven-star’ hotel

 The designer of the ominously-named Wanda Reign is the well-known British architect Norman Robert Foster. Opened in June after three years of construction, the $516 million hotel is the latest addition to the many high-end hospitality options along the iconic Bund waterfront of the Huangpu River, joining the likes of the Peninsula, Waldorf Astoria and, across the river, Shangri-La and ... Read More »

Japanese adopts Saudi culture after eat a food

 Japanese Akira Takatoriya visited Saudi Arabia in 2014 and was so fascinated by the Saudi culture and customs that he decided to get some of what he experienced back home.Pictures of Akira wearing the Saudi traditional clothes on Japan’s streets and in public transportation have been the topic of conversation for many on social media. Arab News traced Akira in ... Read More »

A couple making Musical Instruments

 Setar is a Persian musical instrument. It is a member of the lute family, which is played with index finger of the right hand. Two and a half centuries ago, a fourth string was added to the setar. it has 25 – 27 moveable frets which are usually made of animal intestines or silk. It originated in Persia before the ... Read More »

Most Valuable Body Parts & Fluids On The Underground Market

As we all know, there are many types of blood, each generating its own demand on the market, and if someone you know, or even yourself find yourself in need of blood, $335 per pint isn’t such a bad substitute. However unorthodox it may seem, often these transfusions are thought of in life or death circumstances. When stuck between a ... Read More »

Foreign Tourists Visit Isfahan by Luxury Train

 European and American tourists, who are on sightseeing trip to some Iranian cities on luxury train named ‘Hezar-o Yek Shab’ (Thousand and One Nights), visited the central provinces of Isfahan (on Oct. 26) and Yazd (on Oct. 25). Read More »

Some unseen photos of homeland by Pascal Mannaerts

 If travel becomes most interesting when it brings you surprises, then Iran might just be the most rewarding destination on Earth. If you want to travel somewhere neither East nor West, and exotic and fascinating, yet safe and perfectly comfortable, read on… If you like people…you will love Iran. A group of architecture students posing in Masjed-e Jameh, Fahraj Read More »

The big artificial and recreational lake in west Asia

 Chitgar Lake is an artificial and recreational lake located in the north of Chitgar Park, in northwestern. Also known as the Lake of the Martyrs of the Persian Gulf, this complex has a total area of around 250 hectares; 130 hectares across the lake and 120 hectares on its coastal zone and resorts.About 80% of the lake’s water comes from ... Read More »

Bedrooms From Around The World

 South African-born photographer John Thackwray probably doesn’t spend much time in his bedroom. Why? Because he’s too busy photographing the bedrooms of others! He’s spent over 6 years photographing over one thousand people’s bedrooms from 55 countries for his photo-series titled My Room Project. #1 Tehran, Iran, Elahe, 29-Year-Old Painter Read More »

New fashion style photography for Autumn 2016

 Sadaf Taherian is an actress and model. She had a few appearances in Movies and TV before posting unveiled images of herself on Facebook and Instagram. Now she began to shooting some photo modelling with professional make up artists and photographers in Turkey and Dubai. Here is the link to her Instagram page. Read More »

A man that look handsome without any surgery!

 Most active page representing the beauty in Iranian men. It is so we can all enjoy the images that represent the strength and courage of the Persians Read More »