Annual House of Cinema Gathering

 Our capital boasts a vibrant but much-underrated theater scene, the productions of which have often been subject to international acclaim and critical intrigue. From experimental performance pieces to religious-themed passion plays, to creative fusions of the traditional and the modern, Iran’s capital has a lot to offer drama-lovers. Here we explore some of the best venues, traditions, and opportunities available for enjoying the highlights of Iranian performing arts.

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  1. رسول خان محمدی

    اینها همون آروغ زن‌های شمال تهران هستند که شکمشان سیر است و دل هزاران مستضعف را با این حرکات غربی بدرد می آورند. بایستی دست از این کارهایشان بردارند و دل به فرمایشات آقاشون بسپارند