A winter holidays in St. Moritz

 St Moritz was the first and, 150 years since its birth as a tourist destination, remains the best all-round wintersports resort in the world, boasting a myriad of on and off-snow activities. Its eponymous frozen lake is the setting each winter for skating, curling, golf, polo, horse racing, show jumping, and even cricket.


Photo essay of The Shah with his family in St. Moritz during 60s and 70s


  1. رحمت خدا بر این مرد و خاندانش باد.

    چقدر تو مدرسه باید بهش فحش می دادیم. تازه فهمیدیم ادم بدی نبود.

  2. this is why he was toppled … many poor villagers saw the images and said why they were deprived of everything and the royal family had everything …