The Richest Persian Men by net worth


1. Pierre Omidyar – Founder & chairman of ebay, $ 8.1 billion

Pierre Morad Omidyar born June 21, 1967 is a French-born Iranian-American entrepreneur and philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of the eBay auction site. He became a billionaire at the age of 31 with eBay’s 1998 Initial Public Offering (IPO). Since 2010, Omidyar has been involved in online journalism as the head of investigative reporting and public affairs news service Honolulu Civil Beat. In 2013, he announced that he would create and finance First Look Media, a journalism venture to include Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Jeremy Scahill. In 1995, at the age of 28, Omidyar began to write the original computer code for an online venue to enable the listing of a direct person-to-person auction for collectible items.


  1. very interesting

    • ابوذر غفاری

      سلام. مایه افتخار من و همه ایرانی ها هستید من ابوذر غفاری، 30 سالمه از استان کهگیلویه و بویراحمد،فوق لیسانس کامپیوتر، اما به دلیل بیکاری و مشکلات شدید، بخصوص بیماری پدرم هنوز حتی نتونستم ازدواج هم بکنم، خاستم از همه شما درخواست قرض نمایم تا مشکلاتم حل بشه، به شرف ایرانی بودنم بعدا پسش میدم. 09351989470، 09176634262، شماره هامن

  2. Khosro Niazi (Roy)

    simply its an honor

    • mage zaboon madarit ro azat gereftan, akhe majboori? LOL

      • Dude, the article is in English, and so are the comments. What’s your problem?

      • مگر الفبای فازسی را ازت گرفته اند؟ مگر مجبوری! اول یک سوزن به خودت بزن بعد یک جوالدوز به دیگران

  3. Khosro Niazi (Roy)

    simply this give me so proud.

    • what does it make any difference $8b or $100b , the point is what humanity or any contribute he has done to anybody.

  4. Simply its so much proud to see him did it right.

  5. where is manny khoshbin on this list?

    • Mani Khoshbin does not have money and a good business. If he did, he would not be on instagram. His maximum Net Worth is 20 Million dollars

      • do you have 20 million dollars ? if you do then good for you . if you don’t then don’t make such a comment, it looks bad on you

  6. They are all jewish

    • And what if they “all” are, as you put it. Does that mean they’re not, or can’t be, Persian?
      Perhaps you don’t know, Persian Jewish people had lived in that land a thousand years before anyone called “Reza” invited himself over.

    • Really???
      Our wonderfull Jewish countrymen were always very hard working and smart. Well done dear Iranians. We are very proud of you and your achievements.

    • No they are all educated how many time your Dad told you Bacheh joon darasata bekhoun

  7. I remember him he use to be on The Hills he was one of Heidi’s bosses

  8. You’re missing two Texas families:

    One is the Ansari family that are currently active in the international shipping industry:هوشنگ_انصاری

    The other is the sabrioon family, also based in Houston:

  9. Mobaraket bashe dadash !!

  10. wow good for him! Bravo hope he is
    Giving to medical research

  11. Totes had a crush on him the first time I saw him on “The Hills”. Yay for wealthy Iranians hehe….

  12. manish chowdhary

    this list is incomplete, Parsis businessmen in India are also persian origin and some of them are richest in the world , e.g tata group, godrej group, shapoorji Pallanji etc.

  13. Is Bijan not worthy of the list – may he rest in peace.

  14. Arash khan, Damet garm !

  15. Persian? like persian cat?somebody tells to this idiots these iranians could be arab or turk or jews and not persian

  16. hope to have those People’s in the new Iran soon. To inrich Iran and iranian society every where in the World.

  17. این است ایرانییی

  18. Un homme en plus d’une générosité et d’une intelligence rare !!

  19. خوب ثروت این ها چه ربطی به من دارد؟ امیدوارم به ثروت آ نها افزوده شود ولی چه عزت و احترامی برای من دارد؟از این فرهنگ ریا کاری و چاپلوسی دست بکشیم.آنها که هیچ افتخاری به شما نمی کنند چون نیازی به این کار ندارند و پول و ثروت آنها هم به هر حال به هر طریقی که به دست آورده اند نتیجه کار خودشان بوده،اینخا من چه کاره ام که در به در دنبال افتخارم؟