Hamed Nikpay’s Wedding Ceremony in The U.S.

  Hamed Nikpay’s passion for his innovative genre is embedded in his solid knowledge of fundamentals of Persian music. He learned to sing at a very young age, studying under the tutorship of some of the Masters of classical Persian music, performing as a fusion vocalist, and has produced two albums” Solo Passage”, and “All Is Calm” in US.

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  1. حامد جان ایشالا که مبارکه. راستش من از کیک عروسی اصلا خوشم نیومد چون شبیه سنگ قبره ،رنگ سیاه با نوشتار سفید. به هر حال براتون ارزوی خوشبختی و تندرستی میکنم و امیدوارم که به پای هم پیر شید